Find a List Scrap Metal Yards Near Me Open Today 2023

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Picture this: you’ve got a truckload of scrap metal ready to be turned into a small fortune. You’ve heard about the Scrap Metal Yards Near Me & just going there, but wait a second! How do you ensure you’re not shortchanged for your hard work? You deserve the best price for your sweat equity, my friend.

That’s where we come in. We’ve got your back with our handy scrap yard near me locator. No more aimless driving or crossing your fingers. We’re here to guide you straight to the jackpot – the perfect scrap yard that values your efforts.

How to Find Scrap Metal Yards Near Me Open Now

When searching for scrap metal yards near you, several options may be there, but then if you choose the best one then you may get more valid for your scrap.

In the whole process of selling your metal scrap & getting the highest amount for your scrap, it knows as the best scrap yard.

So pay attention & find the best-paying metal scrap yard with our tips.

Use the above Google Maps store locator to find the nearest yard which is open today. Once you follow the below steps, you can find the perfect match for your metal scrap.

  1. Open Google Maps on your smartphone or desktop computer,
  2. In the search bar, type “Scrap Metal Yards Near Me “s” followed by your location,
  3. Google Maps will show a map of your nearest location, explore the list from there,
  4. Filer your search for distance rating or by their services & offering,
  5. Once you’ve finalized a scrap yard that matches your requirements, follow the direction & reach there,

List of Scrap Yards For Metal Open Now

Name Address
ASC Building ProductsCalifornia
Carports AdvisorNorth Carolina
RVD Commerce LLCTexas
Jiangsu Kingwood Industrial Co., Ltd.Connecticut
Karma EnvironmentalUnited States
Colin RandFlorida
bvbp po cg llcFlorida
CassoneNew York
GPD InternationalIllinois
LuriyaNew York
Rex Metal BuildingsTexas
Golden Flamingo LLCNew York
precision auto select llcFlorida
AZA Resources LLCWyoming
Korrect General ContractingTexas
Midlands GoldSouth Carolina
B&M FabricationsMinnesota
show me your junkOklahoma

What is Scrap Metal?

In simple language, unwanted or discarded metal is not a good condition to use. This may be a whole item or part of an item; e.g. Car parts, Motorcycle parts, or other parts of a huge metal.

These Scrap metals are not in use & must be scraped & get some value by selling them.

Different Types of Scrap Metal

Before going to the Nearest Scrap Metal Yards you must know the different types of scrap metal. Once you have clear knowledge about the scrap you can bargain well & find a suitable scrap metal yard that is open now.

The main groups of scrap metal are ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Metal ScrapCategory
Stainless SteelNon-ferrous

Below are details about the Ferrous & Non-ferrous type of metal scraps.

  • Iron: It comes from the iron cast, pipes, engines, gates, railings & pipes. Scrap iron can include cast iron from pipes and engine blocks, as well as wrought iron from fences, gates, and railings.
  • Aluminum: This type of metal scrap is produced from window frames, siding, automotive items & Industry scrap.
  • Copper: It’s found in the electric products components, wires & pipes of plumbing.
  • Brass: The combination of zine & copper scrap is Brass metal. Found in musical instruments, fitting, valves & items of decoration.
  • Stainless Steel: It’s derived from various sources like; appliances, kitchenware items, industry items & appliances.
  • Steel: Common type of recycled metal that comes from vehicles, structures & household appliances.

How to prepare your scrap metal for recycling

To get the maximum value of your scrap always follow the below steps. Not all metal has equal value, so prepare it for the recycling process well to get the highest value. Follow these steps:

1Reduce the size of the metal, and store them in small pieces for easy transportation.
2Clean the metal thoroughly, and remove the grease, dirt, dust & other unwanted items.
3Separate different types of metal so you can sell them at different prices.
4Remove non-metallic attachments such as glass, rubber, plastics, or pipes.

How to Choose the Best Scrap Metal Yard?

Choose the best scrap metal yard from the list. All yards are not similar they offer different types of services. The scrap which they accept is not the same price everywhere & their acceptance is not equal.

So after having all the details about the Scrap Metal Yards Near Me topic, its recommended to read about the below details.

1- Experience & Trust

A metal scrap yard with long experience may have more trust compared to a new one. Check their ratings & review on the internet, and explore their social media account for further investigation about their trust & reputation.

2- Payments Options

Always compare the prices prior to heading to a metal scrap yard open today. Prices fluctuate daily & it’s not static, but you may check for the payments option. Always a payments options which are suitable to per your convenience.

3- Scrap Metal Acceptance

Don’t just go to the nearest metal yard if it’s open today or Sunday. Always discuss & review their acceptance of the scrap metal. Some may have the option to recycle all the metal junk or some have fewer options. Choose one which has all the recycling options for your metal scrap.

So now you are ready & located a scrap metal yard as per your metal & payment option. Now before going there, check the latest Scrap Metal price for today.

It’s an essential part so you may negotiate well at the yard.

Scrap Metal PriceToday
Insulated Copper Wire$0.80/lb
#2 Copper Tubing$2.40/lb
Sheet Aluminum$0.37/lb
Light Iron$120.00/ton
Aluminum Cans$0.43/lb
Cast Iron$200.00/ton
Bare Bright Copper$2.85/lb
Electric Motors (Aluminum)$0.18/lb
Electric Motors (Copper)$0.15/lb
Complete Car$135.00/ton
Plumbing Brass$1.75/lb
Car/Truck Batteries$0.13/lb
Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel$0.30/lb
Computer Wire$0.30/lb
Aluminum Siding$0.42/lb
E-Scrap (typically priced @ Light Iron)$120.00/ton


How to Find a Scrap Metal Yards Near Me Open Today?

There are various ways, the best method is using Google Maps & follow the step suggested in the above article.

What is the Highest Paying Scrap Metal?

Copper is the highest-paying scrap metal.

Does a scrap metal yard recycle any type of metal scrap?

Yes, most scrap metal yards recycle all types of metal scrap as iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and more. It’s recommended to check if any specific type of scrap is accepted or not.

Are there any scrap metal yards that offer pick-up services?

If you have a large quantity, so some may offer pick-up services. However, always check with the one you have decided to deal with.

Does the scrap metal yard remain open on Sunday?

Yes, most of them remain open on Sunday. It’s recommended that you check with the specific scrap metal yard.


By now you have all the relevant & important pertaining to finding a nearby scrap metal yard that is open right now. Just follow the above instructions & steps go get the most out of your scrap & save more money by selling junk.

Use Google Maps or locate a nearby yard from the above list. Find what is open today near me. Locate a Junkyard for your motorcycle.